I graduated from Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina in December of 2007.  There I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design with a minor in Studio Art. I also received honors from the non-traditional student program and was on the Dean’s List during my final semester. While at Meredith I excelled in all of our technological programs such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, Publisher, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and InDesign. I used my abilities to help tutor other students in my class and some people that I had never met before. There were also a few times that I showed our instructors how to do things in AutoCAD that they didn’t know how to do.

While at Meredith I not only developed the skills necessary to succeed as a designer but, I also began to understand the styles that I felt most comfortable in. While I still feel that the architecture and design of ages passed have a beauty that may never be duplicated or recreated in my time, they do not speak to my heart in the same way that designers of the last hundred or so years do. I am particularly fond of the Arts and Crafts, and Art Nouveau periods along with the works of William Morris and Frank Lloyd Wright because of the obvious talent and craftsmanship that is shown in pieces produced during this time. I am also very fond of the more contemporary styles and the use of different materials and technologies such as SwitchLite glass and Luminex fabrics.

I am also a big supporter of green design because we only have this earth to work with and it is past time that we do something to make it a better place. While attending school I was a student member of the USGBC and used many products that were environmentally friendly in my projects. Two of the projects I completed, one in my second year (Green Architectural Firm) and one in my final year (SAM Design), were comprised of nothing but products that were deemed “green” and many of them were cradle to cradle products. I researched numerous companies to find products that matched my ideals and still conveyed the design intent I had envisioned.

My desire is to work in restaurant and hospitality design. The projects that I enjoyed the most while in school were the projects that involved restaurants or hotels mainly, I believe, because I have worked in both areas and have come to know how poorly some of them are being designed. Many restaurants for example look beautiful and you will walk in and say “wow!” but when you are seated the lighting is too low or the air vents are placed directly over the tables so your experience is diminished by the little things. Beyond that some materials that are used aren’t very well thought through. From personal experience I can state that ceramic or faux ceramic tiles while appealing to the eyes can become very slippery from the slightest amount of moisture and poses a falling hazard for not only the staff, but for the guests as well.

Well I guess that is basically me as a designer in a nut shell. I have posted some projects that I have completed along with my resume and portfolio for your viewing interests. I will be posting more projects and presentations as I have time. I hope that the information that I have here so far will give  you a good understanding of what my skills and passions are. Thank you for taking the time to peruse my works.

Mary Vega